Detours in Life

Every now and again, life smacks you in the face with a big ol’ detour from the direction you’d been heading. That happened to me recently and it’s given me a lot of pause of thought about my life and what’s really important.

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That was me on the evening of July 26. I wasn’t feeling well most of the day, but managed to get through a full day at the office. When I went to leave around 6:30pm, I couldn’t walk more than about 10-15 steps without gasping for air and having sharp pains in chest.

I went to the ER where I learned I was suffering from a bilateral pulmonary embolism (PE). Basically that means I had blood clots in both my lungs. Before the night was over, I was in the intensive care unit (ICU) listed in critical condition. Based on the results of some of my labs and the CT scan, more than one nurse told me I was really lucky to be alive.

Needless to say, experiencing an event like this definitely gives one pause to stop and really evaluate their life. It’s made me realize there’s nothing more precious than friendships and they shouldn’t be taken for granted which I’ve absolutely done in the past. It’s made me realize there’s nothing more precious than one’s health and it shouldn’t be taken for granted which I’ve also absolutely done in the past. My goal is to correct both of these areas in the coming days, weeks, and months. In fact, I’ve already started the process by reaching out to friends/family with whom I’ve not done a very good job of keeping in contact.

For the first time in many years, I’m also working on healing the broken relationship with my family. We’ve been speaking on the phone regularly and it feels really good. Issues we’ve let come between us in the past have been put on the back burner and simply aren’t discussed. For now, we’re just enjoying being in regular contact with each other again and that’s enough for now.

As for my health, for now, I’m just focusing on moving more and watching my portion sizes. I’m not losing weight, but at least I’ve curtailed the weight gains which were happening prior to my PE. I’ve not been attending my Weight Watchers meeting over the summer, but I plan to start going back regularly in mid-October when I get back from vacation.

The Daily Mel | Weight Watchers Gift Basket

Speaking of Weight Watchers, I just want to take a moment to send a massive shout out to their social media team. They saw the photos I posted to my Instagram account while I was in the hospital and sent me this amazing get well basket of goodies. It was so amazing working with them all so closely during the Beyond the Scale launch last fall and I love that we’ve kept in touch. They’re the best!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and sadly, it will probably be over a month until I post again. With vacation coming up, I probably won’t post again until I go back to my regular Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday, Oct. 16. In the meantime, I’ll mostly be posting on Instagram, so please feel free to follow me there in the interim.

Until October …

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