Weight Watchers Punch DVD Review

You may have noticed in my journal yesterday that I mentioned doing the Weight Watchers Punch boxing DVD for my workout. This is a new workout kit they started offering recently at the centers for $25. I purchased one to add a little more variety into my workout options, so I thought I would give a review of it as well.**

Here are a couple of pics that show the box as well as the contents:

Since I’ve still been battling my back issue, I stuck with the beginner workout. I have to say that I really enjoyed it! I really liked having the weighted gloves because it gave the workout that extra little punch (pardon the pun). Don’t worry though, they aren’t super heavy with each glove coming in at around a pound. If you didn’t want to use the gloves, the workout would still be very good without them.

As for the workout itself, I thought the prompts from the instructor were very good. She would gradually introduce new moves into the workout which would all build together into repeating sets which made it easy to follow along. All in all, I give this workout two thumbs up and will definitely be doing it again. yes

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I’ll close out again today with my food journal. This is day 2 of my Food Journal Challenge for this week.


Chobani vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt – 2 (my fave yogurt!)
Fresh strawberries – 1


Turkey meatloaf – 6
Mashed potatoes – 3
Green beans w/2 tsp olive oil – 2


Kashi TLC oatmeal dark chocolate cookies – 5


Stuffed peppers – 6


Nonfat milk – 3.5
Z-bars – 5

Total Points: 33.5
Exercise: Walking – 1 AP
WPA Balance: 34.5
AP Balance: 4
Liquids: 80 oz

Until next time …

**Disclosure: This product was purchased using my own funds. I received no complimentary products or monetary compensation for this review. As always, the opinion expressed is my own.


  1. violet hughes says:

    i have been wanting to get the punch to add to my workout but cant seem to find the punch my leader at my weight watchers meeting says she cant get it . so were can i get the punch

    • Mel says:

      As far as I know, this set was only offered through Weight Watchers centers. It was out last year, so perhaps they aren’t distributing it any longer which is why your leader said she can’t get it anymore. I did a quick check on eBay and there seem to be several listed there right now. You might try going that route.

    • Mel says:

      Anything prior to the release of the new program at the end of November 2010 are the old Momentum Points. Anything posted after that would be the new PointsPlus plan.

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