March Stitching Update (Photo Heavy)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  This is the longest gap on my blog in a really long time and I apologize for just sort of disappearing.  One would think I would be blogging all the time since I’m stuck at home on short-term disability, but the whole situation with my knee has me a bit depressed since around the first of the year.  I didn’t want to come on here and just moan and complain, so I just didn’t write at all.  I’ll discuss more about that whole situation in my next post which I promise won’t take another month for me to write.

For now, the bulk of my life over the past six weeks can be summed up in four S’s:

  1. Sit
  2. Study
  3. Stitch
  4. Sleep

I tried to figure out a good S word for eating, but the only thing I could come up with was Sup and I didn’t care that much for it. lol    I’ve decided to focus this particular blog post on the stitching part.  No, don’t worry, I won’t devote entire blog posts to sitting or sleeping. )

Since it’s been so long since I posted, I haven’t done this month’s recap for the WIPocalypse challenge.  Given the month is nearly over, I guess I’d better get to it!  As always, feel free to click the photos for a larger image.  Without further adieu, here are my latest progress photos:

Lady Alexandra

Lady Alexandra by Mirabilia

Petite Christmas Angel

Petite Christmas Angel by Joan Elliott

Plum Blossom Kimono

Plum Blossom Kimono by Margaret Bending

I have a new work in progress that I started on 16 March 2012.  It’s Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles (be sure to check out the gallery!).  Being the geek that I am, the geometric aspects of this design really appeal to me.  I’m stitching it over two on black Belfast linen (32-count) using one strand of Examplar Fire Thorn premium silk from Vikki Clayton at Hand-Dyed Fibers.

Cirque des Cercles

Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles

I also managed to get in three finishes this month.  Go me! Two are related to the Mirabilia round robin I’m taking part in over at TWRRB (The Worldwide Round Robin Board).  One was my piece before it went out for the first round, and the other was Tracy‘s piece which I received for the first round.  My theme is pixies and her theme is mermaid tails.

My Round Robin

My Round Robin

My Round Robin Square

My Sweet Pea Square

Tracy's RR

Tracy's Round Robin

My Square on Tracy's RR

My Square on Tracy's RR

Another finish I had this month was following a class I took on March 10.  The class was hosted by the El Segundo Blue EGA chapter and taught by local designer, Margaret Bendig.  It was for her “A Stitcher’s Box” design which is a silk dupioni covered box with a stitched lid.  Inside the box is a coordinating fob and needle book.  I still need to assemble my box and make the smalls, but I have the stitching for the box top finished.

A Stitcher's Box

A Stitcher's Box by Margaret Bendig

I really enjoyed the class a lot!  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a fabric covered box, and I now I have that information.  The chapter really went above and beyond for the class.  They actually stitched every attendee a name tag!

Name Tag

My Name Tag Courtesy of the El Segundo Blue EGA Chapter

I also bit the bullet this month and took in a couple of pieces to be framed.  I still haven’t received one of them back because one of the mats I selected was discontinued.  I was able to go pick up the other one though and love how it turned out!  This is my Rosemarkie from Long Dog Samplers (stitched over one on 25-count Monaco using Dragon Blood silk from Vikki Clayton) custom framed with double suede mats, black frame, and museum glass (pardon my ironing board).

Framed Rosemarkie

Rosemarkie by Long Dog Samplers

As long as I’m posting updates, I should also include my March update for the TUSAL.  As evidenced in my photos, I definitely did a LOT of stitching this month!  I don’t think I’ve ever stitched enough in a single month before to basically fill two ort jars (these are the small candle jars from Yankee Candle).  I’m really amazed by how full my cumulative year-to-date can of orts is getting already!

March Orts

March Orts

Ready for April!

Year-to-date orts and empty jars ready for April!

Lastly, I have a few stash-related updates as well.  Part of it was due to birthday gift certificates (Thanks, Tracy & Darla!), part of it was taking advantage of the birthday discount from Drema at Needlecraft Corner, and part of it was from failing miserably at my 2012 Great Stash Diet. no   Oh well, at least I lasted until the end of February. lol   Here are my latest pretties:

Stargazer on Angel Dust

Stargazer by Mirabilia on Angel Dust from Polstitches

2012 Birthday Stash

Santa's Magic & Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia

2012 Birthday Stash

Even More Birthday Stash!

Silver Moon Tea

Silver Moon Tea by Mirabilia

In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t buy Water Lily twice.  I just accidentally photographed her twice. lol

If you’ve made it through all these photos to reach the end of this post, kudos to you!  That’s some real dedication as a reader. lol   As I said earlier, I promise to not take so long before my next update.  I need to bring everyone up to speed on my weight loss journey, my knee surgery, etc.

Until next time …


  1. Veronica says:

    Beautiful stitching, Mel. I’m so happy to see that Examplar Fire Thorn is working out wonderfully for CdC. Loving the RRs you stitched. Gosh, what drool-worthy stash! All that Mirabilia designs. Yummy! And that fabric for Stargazer is absolutely gorgeous ^.^

    Veronica recently posted..IHSW & TUSALMy Profile

  2. Valerie says:

    Great new stash…it’s so hard to resist those Miras! Love the progress on your wips and that fabby for Stargazer is stunning! I can’t wait to see your start. I hope that things go well with your knee surgery.

    Rosemarkie is gorgeous in that red matting!

  3. maureen quinnell says:

    Love your thread choice for Cirque de Cercles – and those Mira RR look like they are going to be fabulous.

    the framing for Rosemarkie really finishes that piece off just perfectly.

    Hope the knee gets better soon

  4. Erica says:

    HI Mel, I came across your blog and enjoyed reading about your stitching. How long did it take you to do the Lady Alexandra? Am going to start my first Mirabilia soon and am a little…um… scared.
    Look forward to reading more of you!

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Erica,

      I started that piece in August 2011 and finished it about 10 days ago. I did work on other pieces at the same time though. Good luck on your first Mirabilia! Don’t be scared. )

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