Wednesday Weigh-In & Weight Watchers 360

Wednesday Weigh-In

Happy Wednesday & welcome to post-holiday eating! lol   I don’t know about all of you, but I’m kind of glad to see holiday festivities winding down.  My body is definitely ready to get back to cleaner eating and more movement, that’s for sure!  I didn’t weigh in at my meeting on Sunday, so I’ll have to wait and report my results for my Thanksgiving to New Year maintenance challenge after my meeting on Dec. 30.

First of all, let me say welcome to all of you who have stopped by the past couple of days after searching for information on Weight Watchers 360.  I’m going to assume this sudden spike in traffic is due to the new Expect Amazing ad campaign that kicked off yesterday.  If that is the case, then you might want to check out all of my recent Weight Watchers 360 posts.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad you stopped by to visit!

Oh, and speaking of Expect Amazing, today is the kick-off of another social media campaign for Weight Watchers.  It’s Called the “I’m Only Human and I Did It Project.”  It’s all about real people sharing their story to help encourage others that anyone can do it.  I can’t wait to have time tonight to sit down and watch some of the videos!  For now, I’ll leave you with a video of Kendra sharing her story.

As for Weight Watchers 360, I have to say that I’m really enjoying the new program thus far. It rolled out almost a month ago now (Dec. 2).  If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know that the food and exercise portions of the program haven’t changed from PointsPlus 2012.  What I’m really loving so far is the addition of the Routines part of the new program!  Personally, I think it’s having a bigger impact on me thus far than the Spaces part.  Since I live alone, it’s not as big of a challenge for me to set up my environment at home for success.  I just have to create the Routine of not eating out so much. P

One of the things I like best about the Routines part is how there is one topic per month that the leader is really focusing on in a more in-depth approach.  As an example, the Routine for this month is all about packing a healthy snack.  At each meeting, we spend a few minutes discussing that particular topic and ways to better incorporate it into our lives.  I think by focusing on it for a full month, it’s had a much bigger impact on me than something mentioned just once during a regular meeting topic.

Weight Watchers 360 Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not meant to denigrate the importance of the weekly meeting topic in any way.  They are definitely important!  I just think spending time repeatedly focusing on one small change in Routine we can make will really pay off in the long run.  I actually find myself each morning now thinking about packing a healthy snack to take with me.  That’s not really something I did in the past, so that’s a good thing!  Repetition clearly is a key to success for me.  I guess doing/hearing things repeatedly helps it finally sink in to my thick skull. )

Next, I just want to take a moment to thank you all so much for the support over my recent Expect Amazing post.  Your comments and emails of support meant the world to me, especially the ones talking about my vacation photo situation.  I’m really trying to take your words to heart.  I have a mini vacation/long weekend with in Vegas with a group of awesome friends happening three weeks.  One of my goals for that trip will be to worry less about how I look and more on just enjoying the moment and getting photos with my friends.  I know it will be a huge struggle challenge for me, but I’m going to be my best to be brave. lol

Weight Watchers 360 Success HandbookNow that things have basically wound down between vacation, end of my term at school, and the holidays, I’m really looking forward to finally digging in to the Success Handbook that was part of Ultimate Weight Watchers 360 Kit I purchased when the new program rolled out recently.  Chapter One is titled Why Do the Work. Honestly, that chapter couldn’t come at a better time for me!  I was talking on Skype recently with Tara of A Life Changing Journey about this very topic and that was even before I got this workbook!

I’m planning to spend some time over the days we have left until the New Year working on this chapter since it lays a lot of the groundwork for the subsequent chapters.  It involves things like taking a current photo of yourself, taking measurements, etc.  Part of what I love best about it is the positive visualization & reinforcement exercises included as well.  One exercise encourages looking at the strengths you already possess that can help achieve your goals.  I LOVE THAT!  All too often, we can get so caught up on our weakness that we forget to look at the strengths we have that can help us.

One of the first strengths that came to my mind was something my Weight Watchers leader said to me in an email yesterday.  I CAN accomplish anything to which I put my mind.  I’m a manager in my career.  Even though I work full-time, I’m also a full-time college student continuing my education.  I commute just over 300 miles per week going to and from work.  If I can do all that, I know I have what it takes within me to be successful at weight loss, too! I just have to want to want it.  Thankfully, I truly believe I’m reaching that point in my life again.  I’ve just gotten to the point where staying where I’m at is just harder than the hard it will take to lose the weight, know what I mean?


Until next time …

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  1. Sylvia @cowgirlwarrior says:

    I too am happy to be getting back to normal and over the holiday eating. My next WI is the 29th. Unfortunately my meeting doesn’t carry the kit so I had to go to eBay. Hoping it gets here soon as I’m really interested in that book.

    • TheDailyMel says:

      It looks really good to me, Sylvia. I love that it’s a workbook style because I find writing really helps me dig into the deep stuff much better than just thinking about it, KWIM?

  2. Suzanne says:

    I know how you feel about the picture thing, Mel. I’m right there with you. It’s always been difficult to see myself in pictures. Now that I’ve lost some weight, I still am not used to seeing myself in pictures. I’m always too critical of myself. DH snapped a picture of me at Christmas Eve service and he asked if he could post on FB. I of course had to look at it first, then said no. I seriously need to remember to ‘enjoy the moment’. Great post, as always!!!

  3. Nancy says:

    I am seriously giving thought to joining Weight Watchers in January and you are part of that thinking. If you would, please tell me the three biggest reasons you think I should join.

  4. TheDailyMel says:

    Hey Nancy! I’m kind of torn over how to respond because I know what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. Weight Watchers works for me (when I work it), so I’ll share the three biggest reasons why it works for me:

    1. Sensible eating plan – I like that nothing is off limits.
    2. Group support – Probably the biggest reason I love it! Love my meeting!
    3. Tools for Success – WW gives me everything I need to succeed. I just have to use the tools.

    Even though I mentioned group support, I will point out that many people have amazing success following the online program. My good friend Annette has lost over 65 pounds since mid-January following Weight Watchers Online.

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