Wednesday Weigh In {Jan. 23}

Wednesday Weigh-InHello, faithful readers!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a week.  I went to Vegas for four days with some friends and then promptly came down with the flu when I got home. (   I have been online a bit while I’ve been sick, but I just didn’t have it in me to try and compose an actual blog post.  Given it’s time for my Wednesday Weigh In post, I figured this was as good a time as any to jump back in with both feet.

First off, let me say that Vegas was a blast!  Thankfully, between taking part in New Year’s DietBet put together by Roni and the Progress Not Perfection Trackstar Challenge put together by Dani, I managed to stay in control while I was there.  I did end up using most of my Weekly Points Allowance, but that’s OK.  That’s what they’re for, right?!  Of course, it also helped that two of the other women on the trip are also on Weight Watchers and most all of us are either trying to lose weight and/or increase our workouts.  It definitely made it easier to stay on track when others around me were being somewhat mindful of what they were eating as well.

Since I was in Vegas, I didn’t make it to my usual Sunday morning Weight Watchers meeting.  I had initially weighed in for the week on my home scale this morning, but then realized later in the day that I needed to make a grocery store run for more tissues and juice.  Since I was out anyway, I stopped by one of the other local WW centers and did my weigh in for the week.  I was down another pound.  Given last week included four days in Vegas and the related road trip, I’m definitely calling this week a MAJOR victory for me!  In the past, I could easily put on 4-5 pounds over a long weekend in Vegas, but not this time!

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