Inspiration When You Need It

InspirationSometimes the Universe conspires to give you just the inspiration you need exactly when you need it.  Today was one of those days.

I woke up this morning hoping to go to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  Instead, I woke up to my horrible cough being back yet again with a vengeance.  Rather than going to my meeting and disrupting things with my cough, I opted to skip it and stay home instead.

As I sat home feeling sorry for myself, I started thinking about just how few meetings I’ve been able to attend thus far in 2013.  Given I’m paying $42.95 for my monthly pass, I’ve definitely be losing money.  I found myself having thoughts of just giving up my monthly pass and quitting going to meetings.  I know a lot of it was because I was feeling depressed over feeling sick again, but the feelings were there nonetheless.

Thankfully, I decided to do a little blog reading this afternoon.  One of the first blogs I checked was my friend Dee who attends the same Sunday morning Weight Watchers meeting that I attend.  Dee joined Weight Watchers about 10 months ago and we quickly because fast friends.  I always look forward to seeing her at our meeting as well as chatting via email, text, and Facebook during the week. That’s Dee on the left in the photo above taken this morning with our wonderful leader Jacki on the right.  They’re showing off their matching Weight Watchers swoosh tattoos they got last fall.

The inspiration Dee provided me today was from the fact that after 43 weeks and 61.6 pounds, she reached her goal weight this morning!  It made me realize that even though I have a lot farther to go on my journey than Dee had on hers, I can still do this!  I made a promise to myself when I joined Weight Watchers this time that I didn’t care how long it took that I was never going to quit or give up.  I found myself wavering in that commitment this morning, but seeing Dee had reached her goal reminded me of my promise to myself.

So, I just wanted to first take a moment to congratulate Dee on reaching her goal, but more than that, I want to say thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration.  I’m so thankful you made the move from the Monday night meeting to our Sunday morning meeting.  I feel so blessed to know you and call you friend.  Love you!!! xoxo

Until next time …

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  1. Nanci says:

    Good for you Melissa! It’s hard to hang in there when the going is tough. So glad that you have such an inspirational friend and I hope that you get better and stay better soon. I don’t often comment, but I read your posts and they help me along my own journey. Thanks for posting with such honesty.

  2. Dee says:

    Mel! This brought tears to my eyes! This seems a little odd, because it is YOU that has been providing inspiration to ME! Surely you’ve noticed how I copy everything you do? Even down to the grocery shopping! Just goes to show how we never really know who might be watching what we do, and using it for guidance. I am thrilled if you can take any inspiration from me. I owe a TON of my success to you. Love you back! Hugs to you! {{{Melissa}}}
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