FitBloggin’ Session: Getting Back from Gaining Back

Here are a few quick notes I took at the “Getting Back from Gaining Back” session this morning at FitBloggin‘. This session was facilitated by Margo from This is Nacho Mama’s Blog and Jennifer from Perfect in Our Imperfections.

  • Think about your weight loss efforts as a project.  Being on a “journey” implies you have no sense of control. (from Margo)
  • Lose it like you live it.  Don’t do anything during your weight loss phase that you aren’t willing to do for the rest of your life. (from Jennifer)
  • There is no end point.  Life doesn’t change we you reach goal weight.  The people who didn’t like you before aren’t going to magically like you now just because you’ve lost weight. (from Margo)
  • Your body, right now, has value — regardless of whatever size you may be. (from Margo)
  • Don’t think about it as you *have* to start over again.  Have the realization that you *get* to start over every day, or even every hour if need be. (from Susan)
  • Always remember, every win is a win, regardless of how small.  Celebrate the victories along the way. (from Dominic)

There were lots of other awesome comments made, but I didn’t get them all captured.  Of course, I was so involved in the conversation that I completely forgot to take any pics.  Oops!

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    • TheDailyMel says:

      Thanks, Jody! I really need to move away from the “all or nothing” mentality that has crippled me in the past and really embrace bullets 2 & 3 as well.

    • TheDailyMel says:

      I know, right?!! I had really hoped to blog more of the sessions I attended while at FitBloggin’, but there just didn’t seem to be time. Thankfully, I took pretty good notes on my iPad Mini during each session so I can get them all written out once I’m back home. It was so awesome getting to meet you in person!

    • TheDailyMel says:

      My pleasure, Emily! It was really an amazing session. Then again, I would describe most of the sessions I attended in that manner, too. lol So awesome getting to finally meet you in person! Looking forward to seeing you again at FitBloggin’14 in (*fingers crossed*) Nashville!

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