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Koss Fit SeriesRecently, the nice folks over at Koss sent me a couple of complimentary items from their new Koss Fit Series to test and review.  The items I received were the FitBuds and the FitClips.  They also threw in a really cool water bottle which was nice.  One can never have too many water bottles, right?!

If you aren’t familiar with the Fit Series line, that’s probably because it’s a recent new edition to the Koss family of products.  So what makes these headphones & earbuds so different?  They’re designed by women for women!  As you might be able to tell from the photo (click the image for a larger view), one of the women involved in the designing phase was twelve-time Olympic medalist, Dara Torres.

Unlike many headphones and earbuds, these aren’t just another unisex design with a smaller in-ear cushion to try and sort of make them work for a woman’s ear.  The entire unit is designed to work with the size and shape of a woman’s ear.  The cushions are designed to create the perfect seal in the ear to help ensure the best possible listening experience for the wearer.  Since women have different ear canal sizes, there are still three included cushion sizes (small, medium, and large) to help every woman get the perfect fit.

Koss FitClips

I tried both of the FitBud and FitClips.  Both worked really well and had great sound!  As for the FitBuds, they weren’t really my favorite.  It’s nothing against this particular design or anything.  I’ve just never really been a fan of earbuds.  I think it’s because I must have weirdly shaped ear canals or something. lol   For me personally, my favorite was the FitClips which I’m wearing in the photo above.  Even with eyeglasses, I found the over-ear design extremely comfortable. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not really throwing up the peace sign there.  It’s a photo I posted on Instagram one night after I got back from a walk to indicate that I’d put in two miles that day. )

Both the FitBuds and FitClips have some awesome features:

  • Sweat resistant – I’m a sweatin’ fool, so seriously, how awesome is that?!
  • Ultra lightweight design – I was absolutely amazed at just how lightweight they are!
  • The FitClips have a soft flexible designs – I think this is why they were SO comfortable.
  • The FitBuds are 33% smaller than average earbuds.

All in all, I have to say that I really loved this product.  In fact, if the time were to ever come that I lost the FitClips, I could definitely see myself buying a replacement pair out of my own pocket because I like them that much.  The good news?  It won’t even set me back that much because they retail for only $29.99!  For those of you who are earbud fans, they are retail for $29.99.  So, if you’re in the market for new headphones and/or earbuds, these definitely get two thumbs up from me!

Until next time …

Melissa Script Sig

Disclaimer: Koss provides me with a complimentary pair of both the FitClips and FitBuds for the purpose of this review as part of the FitFluential Ambassador program.  I received no additional compensation for this review.  As always, the opinions are entirely my own.


    • TheDailyMel says:

      I have to agree, Jody! Even though I’m personally not a fan of earbuds, the fit was still very nice and they were comfortable. Perhaps, over time, I’ll get over my dislike of earbuds now that I have a pair that actually fit well. lol

    • TheDailyMel says:

      Thanks, Sarah! I really can’t say enough nice things about these headphones. They are, by far, the most comfortable headphones I’ve worn in a long time.

  1. susan @ suddenlysusan.com says:

    I love Koss headphones, and have never looked into sport related ones, but man do I need them! I will have to check these out! $30 for some sport buds isn’t bad at all, and again, because I’ve used Koss, I trust their quality. I have small ears, so I always have to buy buds that have the adjustable head sizes, and usually the small is even sometimes painful after a while, so I’d have to look into their sizing on these.
    susan @ suddenlysusan.com recently posted..Five things Friday: Me editionMy Profile

    • TheDailyMel says:

      Susan – I also have small ear canals that have always resulted in fit issues with in-ear type headphones/ear buds. I would usually end up resorting to wearing an over-the-ear type headphone which isn’t exactly the most stylish of solutions, that’s for sure. I had NO issues with these whatsoever. I actually wore the medium size cushion that came with these. These are so comfortable, in fact, that I slept in them a couple of times while I’ve been on vacation so I could listen to music at night and not bother my travel companion.
      TheDailyMel recently posted..Summer Walk Challenge – Final Check-InMy Profile

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