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Just Shoe Me SCLBI recently joined a network for local bloggers called SoCal Lady Bloggers (SCLB). It’s really been great getting to know more of the bloggers in my area.  I’ve even signed up to attend my first event hosted by one of the other members.  )  Next Friday night, I’ll be heading over to The Makery for a Crafty Night In.  It’s being hosted by Letitia over at Crafty Amiga, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some other area bloggers!

Now, I’m sure a lot of you know that my “go to” hobby is cross stitching.  A few years back, I even ventured a little into the realm of card making.  I’m planning to get back into that as soon as I finish school in December.  Other than stitching and card making, that’s about as far as I’ve ever gone into the world of crafting, so this will be something new for me.  There are three projects on the agenda for the evening:  decoupaging a candle, glittering a papier mâché box, and embellishing a journal.  I’ll be sure to post next weekend with my results … maybe. lol

Another fun thing the group does is the weekly SCLB link-up.  They throw out a topic each Friday and then anyone who wishes to participate over the next week can do so and then link up over on the SCLB blog.  Fun, right?!  Yep, I thought so as well, so I’ve decided to play along.

Ironically, the topic for this week is all about shoes.  I say ironically, because unlike many of my female friends, I am SO not a shoe hound.  Now purses and nail polish, that’s a totally different story. )   When it comes to shoes though, it’s just not really my thing.  Not counting my six pairs of flip-flops and Birkies, I probably only own about 8 pair of shoes.  I used to have more, but I recently did a closet purge and got rid of any clothes and shoes I either didn’t love and/or wear any longer.

As I mentioned, I only have about 8 pairs of shoes when not counting my flip-flops and Birks.  Of that, three or four of those are athletic shoes.  Fortunately, I work for a company with a pretty casual dress code, so it’s absolutely fine for me to wear sneaks to work.  Yay!  Since I’m not a major shoe hound like my friend Shari (be sure to check out the pair featured as item #19 in this post!), I figured I would just focus on my latest shoe acquisition for the purposes of this post.  Here’s they are:

Reebok Nano 2.0 CrossFit Shoe

This is the Nano 2.0 shoe from Reebok which is their latest entry designed primarily for CrossFit consumers.  I received this shoes as part of my swag bag at the FitBloggin’ conference I attended recently up in Portland.  Even though I don’t participate in CrossFit, I love these shoes!  I’ve been using them for BodyPump and they work great for that, too!

Do you consider yourself a shoe hound?  How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?  Am I missing a girl gene somewhere? lol

Until next time …

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  1. Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine says:

    Meeting other bloggers is so fun! I joined the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers last year and have met some amazing ladies. Many run and do races in the area, and other get-togethers throughout the year. It’s one of the best things I’ve done since I started blogging. So fun!

  2. theshrinkingowl says:

    I am a total shoe maven. But NOT heels. I probably have about 50 pairs of shoes. And I am awful about keeping them organized. They are like, in a huge pile on the bottom of my closet.

  3. Dee says:

    Paper crafting?!? Yet another thing we have in common. Need any tools or supplies? Let me know! I have them all. And just like my exercise equipment – I use none of it.

  4. Kyra says:

    I am a total shoe hound, which is ironic considering I work from home (in bare feet). Some shoes are holdovers from my NYC days, others are cute sandals that I keep buying.

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