Back on Track!

Yep, I’m back! Of course, the words “back on track” can only mean one thing … I’ve been off track and not following the Weight Watchers program recently. I could make a lot of excuses about how I’ve been dealing with health issue (which I have), but the bottom line is I just fell off the proverbial wagon and didn’t care. Thankfully, I changed my attitude, dusted myself off, and got back on program. It definitely paid off!

TheDailyMel | April 17 2016 Weigh In

While I was gone, Weight Watchers began a new campaign using the hashtag #glowment. A glowment is defined as being “that moment when you feel so proud of what you’ve achieved, you can’t help but glow.” Love that! Seeing the huge loss on the scale definitely left me glowing, that’s for sure!

TheDailyMel | Glow Box

They also introduced this new “Glow Box” which includes lots of goodies. The box is regularly $19.95, but since it was on sale for $14.95 at my local center, I decided to pick one up. They also had a new cookbook (The Little Big Book of Fruits & Veggies) on sale, so I picked one of those up as well.

One of the items included in the Glow Box was the cute dry erase board I used to write my weight loss on for this week in the first photo. It also has things like a pack of sticky notes, a gold shimmer headband, a lip shimmer, a selfie remote, and more. Of course, being I’m of a *ahem* certain age, my favorite part is actually the metal lunch box. It’s a great throwback reminder to my childhood when all of us actually did carry metal lunch boxes. 🙂

In closing, I just want to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement when I was off track. I received so many nice messages on Facebook, Instagram, etc. asking if everything was OK. Knowing you were all checking in on me and cheering me on definitely helped me get back on track. I truly appreciate it!

Until next time …

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  1. Heather says:

    Congrats on getting back on track and your significant loss. I too am getting back on track and your post this morning was just what I needed to stay focused. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  2. Linda says:

    I am proud of you too! It’s not easy being out there and admitting a slip up! I’m learning it happens to all of us at one time or another! Lifetime after a couple years has been a little harder than I expected! Life gets in the way and poof you are up 10 lbs! Thanks for letting us know that success is there for all of us! We just need to grab on again! Best wishes!🌸💐

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