Weekly Weigh In – Week 30

I had another extremely successful weigh in at Weight Watchers this week. I lost a staggering 5.6 pounds*! While that’s amazing, it was also a bit of an artificial loss because my doctor temporarily put me on a diuretic this week. I fully expect I’ll see a bit of a rebound on the scale next week after I’m off the medication.


While I realize part of my massive loss was likely artificial, I know I put in enough hard work this week that the 1.8 pounds I needed to reach the 25 pounds gone milestone should definitely have been a legitimate loss, so I’m claiming it! LOL I was thrilled when my leader presented me with my charm during the meeting.


Another really cool thing happened this week, too. The social media team at Weight Watchers sent all of us who were recently selected as Ambassadors** a really cool personalized necklace. How cool is that?! It was an unexpected surprise that really brightened my day, and I’m pretty sure from all the excited posts I saw on Instagram and Facebook from my fellow Ambassadors, they all felt the same.


The meeting topic this week was all about creating a strategy for the upcoming holidays. Thankfully, my holiday season is going to be fairly low key this year. I don’t really have any plans for Thanksgiving, so there’s not really any reason for me to go off plan for that day. My biggest challenge will be Christmas because I’ll be hosting my BFF and her family. I have no idea what’s on the menu yet, but there’s still plenty of time to plan. I definitely don’t want to leave it to the last minute though, so I need to start giving it some though. We’ll be staying at my timeshare near Palm Springs, so I’ll be limited to a condo kitchen which is definitely going to require a bit more thought.

Have you started thinking about your holiday strategy or menu? If so, I would love to hear what you’re planning. Please leave me a comment below and share your plans.

Until next time …

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*Disclaimer: People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/per wk.

**I’m a member of the Weight Watchers brand ambassador program. I am not paid for my participation, but choose to participate because of my belief in the Weight Watchers program and the impact it has had on me personally. I may receive exclusive brand access (e.g. trying a new product before it’s released, appearing in brand advertising, free swag, etc.), or a prize. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Thea says:

    Is it an artificial loss if you your body needed to get rid of something but just had outside help to do it? How about “enhanced loss”? 🙂

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