Life is Hard

Every time I think I’ve found my groove, it seems like life throws me a curve ball … or two … or three. The past few months haven been incredibly stressful for me. The department I had managed at work for nearly seven years was outsourced, so I had to scurry and find another job within my company since I was going to be displaced. I learned I have diabetes. We also learned recently that my father has advanced stage cancer.

Through all this, I’ve let myself focus more on the things outside my control. As a result, my eating has mostly been in chaos for quite a while. I’ve been extremely lax about monitoring my glucose as well. I haven’t taken a reading in over three weeks which is really bad given my recent diabetes diagnosis.

A few days ago I saw this quote posted on Instagram. It immediately struck a chord with me.

The Daily Mel | Life is Hard

It made me realize that while life definitely hurts right now, I have it within me to focus instead on the things within my power to change. Burying my head in the sand and succumbing to emotional eating isn’t going to change my job situation or suddenly make my dad’s cancer disappear. However, getting control of my eating CAN help my own health issues, most notably my diabetes and the resultant edema I’ve been having in my legs.

I’m getting up and brushing myself off. I’m showing myself some grace and will not beat myself up over the the road behind me, but instead will focus on where I’m heading. First and foremost, that means getting back to Weight Watchers meetings. Yes, I could follow the program online and still be successful (I have LOTS of WW friends who have done it that way), but I know in my heart of hearts, going to meetings is what works for me. So, I’ll be getting up tomorrow morning and heading back to my old meeting. I know a lot of my friends still attend that meeting, so it will awesome to see them all again, including my wonderful leader, Jacki. I’ve missed them all so much!

Since I’ve gained back everything I had lost last year, I’ve decided to give myself a complete fresh start when I weigh in tomorrow. I’ve updated my Progress Chart to reflect the new start. As you may have deduced, I’ve also decided to dust off my blog and bring it back online. I won’t be posting daily as I’ve done in the past, but I do plan to post an update each week with my results. I also hope to have time to share a few recipes from time to time as well as share other interesting information I find along the way. I hope you’ll join me!

Until next time …

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  1. Laura says:

    We are all human my dear!! Give yourself some grace and a break! We have all been there- and many are here for you! You’ve got this!!! 💕💕

  2. Kerry says:

    I’m crying over here. I can so relate to your story tonight. Life has been tossing some stressful things at me lately too. Why is it that we give up on us when life is trying to hold us down. Thanks for your honesty and sharing that great quote. Love you sister!

  3. Selena says:

    I believe that life is hard. That we all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it’s all easy.

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