Stitching: Royal Holiday – January Update

Last week was week number three in my monthly rotation schedule, so that meant it was time to work on my Royal Holiday piece by Mirabilia. I absolutely love this design, but she’s massive (stitch count is 204 x 288). I’m stitching her with all the recommended fibers on 32-count Conifer linen from Picture This Plus. Here was my starting point at the beginning of the week.

The Daily Mel | Royal Holiday  - January Update

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in nearly as much stitching time as I would have liked last week. I also discovered a major error I made, so I had frog (rip out) quite a bit of that red/pink section and stitch it again. With those two factors combined, I don’t really feel like I made a whole lot of progress this month. Here’s where I finished at the end of the rotation.

The Daily Mel | Royal Holiday by Mirabilia - January Update

We’re now on to week four of my rotation schedule. This means it’s time for me to spin the ol’ decision wheel to determine which project I’ll be working on this week. Here’s what the wheel said.

The Daily Mel | January Decision Wheel

It looks like I’ll get to enjoy some more Mirabilia fun. The wheel landed on Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy, so that’s what I’ll be working on this week. This was a limited edition kit quite a few years ago, so it’s becoming more difficult to find. Here’s one I found on Stitching Bits & Bobs, but please know her shipping times can be very slow.

Since that design has now come up on my decision wheel, it will be removed as an option next month. Doing that ensures all of my designated projects will get some love over the next few months. Once I’ve made it through all of the choices once, I’ll put them back on again and go through the whole process again.

Until next time …

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