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I’ve made the decision to once again post my card making and papercrafting projects on a separate blog. I tried combining everything into one blog, but it all just feels like a big mish-mash now and I don’t really like it.

If you’re interested in following my card making endeavors going forward, but please head over to If you would like to be notification via email whenever I post over there, you’ll find a handy subscription box in the right-hand navigation menu. To keep things consistent, I’ve also reactivated my MelsCardCorner Instagram account, too.

This blog will now be used primarily for my cross stitching hobby. I might throw some general life updates in from time to time as well as some of my knitting/crochet projects. For the most part though, it will just be for my needlework.

Going forward, the only thing that will remain combined is my YouTube channel and that’s mostly because I’m too lazy to create a second channel. LOL I will always try to start each video title with either Papercraft or Flosstube to make it easy for my subscribers to know whether that particular video is one they want to watch or not.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time …

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