Progress Chart

This chart shows my progress since restarting my weight loss efforts with Weight Watchers in April 2016. I wasn’t quite all the way back up to my all-time high weight, but I was close. To calculate my total loss from my all-time highest recorded weight on Weight Watchers, add 13 pounds to the total loss number.

WeekDateResultsTotal LossNotes
0April 11----Restarted WW
1April 17-5.85.85 lb star
2April 24-1.47.2
3-5May 1 - 15--7.2Missed meetings
6May 22-0.88.0
7May 29-1.89.8
8June 5-2.412.210 lb star
9-22June 12 - Sept. 1112.2Didn't attend meetings
23Sept. 18+2.49.8Went back to meetings
24Sept. 25-3.613.4Lost the summer gain
25Oct. 2-2.215.615 lb star
26Oct. 9-2.418.05% award
27Oct. 16-018.0Maintained
28Oct. 23-1.819.8
29Oct. 30-3.423.220 lb star
30Nov. 6-5.628.825 lb charm
31Nov. 13+2.226.6
37Dec. 31+4.422.2Stupid holidays! LOL
39Jan. 8-3.025.2
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