Progress Chart

This chart shows my progress since restarting Weight Watchers in late October 2017. I wasn’t quite all the way back up to my all-time high weight from 2001, but I was close. For my total loss from my all-time highest weight, add another 16.6 pounds to my total loss in this chart.

People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week.

WeekDateResultsTotal LossNotes
Oct. 29----Fresh Start
1Nov. 5-5.4-5.4
2Nov. 12-3.6-9.0
3Nov. 19-3.0-12.0
4Nov. 26Sick
5Dec. 3NWI - on Prednisone
6Dec. 10
7Dec. 17
8Dec. 24
9Dec. 31
WeekDateResultsTotal LossNotes
10Jan. 7
11Jan. 14
12Jan. 21
13Jan. 28
14Feb. 4
15Feb. 11
16Feb. 18Birthday Weekend
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