JCS Ornie To Do List

This is the list of the designs I would like to stitch from the ornament issues of Just Cross Stitch magazine. I will cross out pieces as I finish them and add a link to a photo of my finished piece.

1998 issue:

  • Christmas Joy (Little by Little Design Co.) – my finish

2001 issue:

  • Christmas Sampler (The Workbasket)
  • The Little Visitor (Mosey & Me)

2002 issue:

  • Quaker Christmas Tree (The Workbasket)
  • Cabin Pinkeep (The Prairie Schooler) – my finish
  • Snow Bunny (Cross My Heart)
  • Bless This Home (Twisted Threads)
  • Decorating the House (Brightneedle)
  • A Little Joy (Just Nan) – for a biscornu

2003 issue:

  • Just a Little Snowman (Twisted Threads)
  • All is Calm (SamSarah Design Studio)
  • Merry Christmas (Glory Bee)
  • Christmas Joy (Angel Stitchin)
  • A Needleworker’s Pocket (With My Needle) – my finish
  • To Thee Peace (Brightneedle)

2004 issue:

  • Perfect Gifts (Full Circle Designs)
  • Christmas Jewels (Elizabeth’s Designs)
  • Don’t Peek (Little by Little Design Co.)
  • Christmas Ornament 2004 (Blackbird Designs)
  • Woodland Snowfall (Little House Needleworks)
  • To Thee Love (Brightneedle)

2005 issue:

  • Merry Yule (Erica Michaels)
  • Seasons Greetings (Glory Bee)
  • Home for Christmas (Brightneedle)
  • Britty Christmas Kitty (Brittercup Designs)
  • Home for the Holidays (Little House Needleworks)

2006 issue:

  • Pear Tree (Little House Needleworks)
  • To Thee Hope (Brightneedle)
  • Gloria (Cindy Valentine Designs) – for a biscornu
  • Noel 2006 (Glory Bee)
  • Winter (The Prairie Schooler)
  • Winter Joy (Little by Little Design Co.)
  • Winter’s Eve (Country Cottage Needleworks) – my finish
  • Be Merry (Val’s Stuff)
  • Sampler Noel (Fancy Work) – my finish
  • A Christmas Wish (Blue Ribbon Designs) – my finish
  • Quaker Scissor Fob (With My Needle) – my finish
  • Quaker Medallions Strawberry Pinkeep (Blackbird Designs)
  • Christmas Chorus (Elizabeth’s Designs)
  • Peace on Earth (JBW Designs)

2007 issue:

  • Christmas Holly (Hands to Work)
  • Christmas House (The Workbasket)
  • Christmas Blessings (Milady’s Needle)
  • 2007 Merry Xmas Pinkeep (Brightneedle)
  • A Wish for Hope and Peace (Blue Ribbon Designs)
  • Merry and Bright (Little by Little Design Co.)
  • Snow Bunnies (Little House Needleworks)

2008 issue:

  • Quaker Darning Sock (Legacy Designs)
  • Winter Song (Blackbird Designs)
  • Holly Berries Mini Biscornu (Cherished Stitches)
  • Let It Snow (Country Cottage Needleworks) – Gift from Joan
  • Glad Tidings (Blue Ribbon Designs)
  • Snowy Night (The Prairie Schooler)
  • Starry Night (Shepherd’s Bush)
  • Merriest Christmas (Sue Hillis Designs)
  • Elfin Stocking (The Workbasket)
  • To Thee a Very Merry (Brightneedle)
  • Christmas Tree Farm (Milady’s Needle)
  • Miracles Happen (Ladybug Lane)
  • Christmas Centerpiece (Brittercup Designs)
  • Peace in 2008 (Knotted Tree NeedleArt)
  • Joyful Blessings (Blue Ribbon Designs) – Preview issue
  • Happiest of Holidays (Sue Hillis Designs) – Preview issue
  • Silver and Blue (Country Cottage Needleworks) – Preview issue

10th Anniversary Collection:

  • Christmas Eve (Elizabeth’s Designs) – from 1999 issue

2009 issue:

  • Peace 2009 (Sue Hillis Designs)
  • Peace (Blackbird Designs)
  • Merry Wishes (Blue Ribbon Designs)
  • Oh Christmas Tree (Charlotte’s Web Needlework)
  • Joy (Amy Bruecken Designs)
  • Christmas Forest (The Workbasket)
  • Frosty Fun (The Prairie Schooler)
  • Winter Sampler (Little House Needleworks)
  • Purple Penguin (Casey Buonaugurio Designs)
  • Happy Holidays 2009 (Kitty & Me Designs)
  • Penny Angel (The Primitive Needle)
  • Peace & Joy (Legacy Designs)
  • Christmas ’09 Stamp Ornament (Jeannette Douglas Designs)
  • Day One (monsterbubbles)
  • Pomander (Ink Circles)
  • Visions of Sugar Plums (Country Cottage Needleworks)
  • Santa’s Flight (Shepherd’s Bush)
  • Joy (Midsummer Night Designs)
  • Hardanger Holly Ornament (Nordic Needle)
  • Joy of Christmas (My Big Toe Designs) – Preview Issue
  • A Spot of Christmas (Milady’s Needle) – Preview issue
  • Dec 25 (Glory Bee) – Preview issue

2010 issue:

  • ‘Tis Red (La-D-Da)
  • Regal Red Christmas (Milady’s Needle)
  • Stained Glass Pine (Ink Circles)
  • Floral Gift (Blackbird Designs)
  • Tweet Gift (Full Circle Designs)
  • I Love Christmas (Midsummer Night Designs)
  • Christmas 2010 Stamp (Jeanette Douglas Designs)
  • Peace on Earth (Blue Ribbon Designs)
  • Snowy Nights (The Prairie Schooler)
  • Oh Joy (Val’s Stuff)
  • Happy Skater (Little House Needleworks)
  • Christmas Magic (Charlotte’s Web Needlework)
  • Quaker Noel (Legacy Designs)
  • Merry and Bright (Country Cottage Needleworks)
  • Peppermint Latte (Casey Buonaugurio Designs
  • Consumed by Gifts (Brittercup Designs)
  • Mine! (Brittercup Designs) – preview issue
  • ‘Tis Green (La-D-Da) – preview issue
  • I Love Reindeer (Midsummer Night Designs) – preview issue

2011 issue:

  • Noel Stamp Ornament 2011 (Jeannette Douglas Designs)
  • Frosty in the Firs (Blue Ribbon Designs)
  • Fresh Fallen Snow (Little House Needleworks)
  • Merry Christmas (Country Cottage Needleworks)
  • Baa Baa Birdie (Miss Crescent’s Crowne Designs) – preview issue
  • Christmas Cottage (Blue Ribbon Designs) – preview issue
  • Peace on Earth (My Big Toe Designs) – preview issue
  • Yuletide (Jeannette Douglas Designs) – preview issue – my finish

As you can see, I haven’t actually gotten around to updating this list since 2011. I have all of the issues since, I just haven’t added my “to do” list on here. I hope to get that done sometime this month (January 2015).

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