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Viva Las Vegas! (Part 2)

I gave most of the stitchy part of the trip in yesterday’s Viva Las Vegas (Part 1) post.  Today’s second… Continue reading »

Once more, please?

Between my blog and the Mirabilia Facebook group, the result was overwhelmingly in favor of Conifer for my Royal Holiday. … Continue reading »

I Blame Dana

Well, I guess I should clarify. Not only do I blame Dana, but I also blame all of those evil… Continue reading »

Stash Pics from the Road

First of all, I will apologize for the quality of these photos. My batteries are dead in my good camera,… Continue reading »

Autumn Leaves

Contrary to popular belief, we actually do get a bit of Autumn here in southern California. I snapped a few… Continue reading »

End of a Long Weekend

I love long weekends. The only bad thing about a long weekend is when it ends. Oh well, at least… Continue reading »